Our History

Surrey Services was established in 1981 with a mission to help older adults to live in their homes with independence and dignity and to continue as active members of the community. Surrey began as the seed of an idea.  Jeanne La Rouche saw her elderly neighbors in need of some assistance. From there, the vision of Surrey was launched in the attic of her Wayne home.  After 35 years of growth and innovation, this grass roots organization has grown into a strong community based organization serving thousands.  Today Surrey serves more than 8,200 older adults each year from four locations.

From the beginning, Surrey embraced a holistic approach to aging services and the philosophy of neighbor helping neighbor in delivering those services. For many older people, longevity creates financial distress. Surrey receives financial support from the community so that everyone is able to access the help they need--regardless of ability to pay. Surrey has a sliding fee scale so that everyone has the dignity of paying for services, but at a rate they can afford.