Geriatric Care Management

A Geriatric Care Manager works with seniors and their families to guide them through the maze of community resources, coordinate all aspects of care, and act as a liaison with providers.

Surrey Services offers a comprehensive Geriatric Care Management Program. All services are individualized to meet each person's unique requirements. A Geriatric Care Manager from Surrey will assess the needs and develop a plan of care that enables the senior to live at home safely.

An initial comprehensive assessment will be conducted. It evaluates the senior's home safety, physical and functional abilities, cognitive status, socialization and spiritual needs as well as the existing support system. The individual and their family or caregivers are interviewed in order to ensure that their values and goals are reflected in the plan of care.

The Geriatric Care Manager:

  • Develops a customized plan of care.  The assistance that family and friends provide is included in the plan.
  • Makes arrangements for needed services such as home care, transportation, medication management, medical equipment or home repairs.
  • Acts as a liaison between physicians and other service providers and the family.
  • Monitors the appropriateness of services and makes changes as needed.
  • Provides family members with regular follow up communication and updates.
  • Is available to arrange and attend appointments with physicians, lawyers, financial advisors, or other professionals.
  • Provides information about the community resources that are available and can arrange and monitor those services.
  • Assists in locating appropriate personal care or Nursing Home placement should a move become necessary.

Geriatric Care Management provides a comprehensive approach to managing the changing needs of seniors and their family members, thereby reducing family stress and allowing the senior to live as safely and independently as possible, achieving their best quality of life.

Please note that Geriatric Care Management services are not intended to be an alternative for emergency medical care and treatment.

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