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An Update on COVID-19 Vaccines

Surrey is here for you. We will provide regular updates through email and on the Surrey website with news and information about COVID-19 vaccines.

Need a Ride to Your Appointment?

Surrey is offering rides to vaccine appointments in our local area. To request a ride, please call 610-993-9493 as soon as you have your appointment.

If you would like to volunteer to take someone to an appointment, please click the link below. Thank you for being part of Surrey’s Neighbor Helping Neighbor outreach.

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What You Should Do to Obtain a Vaccine

IMPORTANT: New county vaccine registration systems launched Monday, March 31.

What does this mean? If you are registered for a vaccine with the county you live in AND are in group 1A, you will receive an email or phone call directing you to register using the new system. Please check your email spam if you do not receive it. Also, phone calls are being made by volunteers and may say “Wireless Caller” on your telephone.

Chester County Information HERE or call (610) 344-6640

Delaware County Information HERE or call (833) 643-1715

Montgomery County pre-register for the COVID-19 shot HERE or call (833) 875-3967

Additional Information can be found HERE

Please share these phone numbers with your friends, neighbors or family members who do not have access to a computer so they can get information and register for the vaccine.

If you meet the criteria to be eligible, here is the current state recommendation.

  1. Be sure you are registered with your county to receive a vaccine (links are above).
  2. Check with local providers. (see list of local providers with links below or visit here for a full state map) These include pharmacies, health systems and VA health systems.
  3. Make an appointment directly with the provider for a vaccine. In most cases, you will need to set up an account with the provider to make an appointment. You should check in regularly, early in the morning or late at night, with your selected providers. Appointments open and are filled on a first come, first served basis. 

County/State Vaccine Providers

If you have registered with your county (links above), you may be notified of the opportunity to book an appointment when there is enough vaccine supply.

Starting Monday, March 8, Chester County will be holding vaccine clinics in four locations – The Government Services Center in West Chester, Kennett Square Fire Company’s Red Clay Room, West Chester University’s Sturzebecker Health Sciences Center, and the Kimberton Fire Company. 

Chester county is also making outbound calls to seniors.  These callers will help you register for an appointment. Remember, you should not need to pay for the vaccine or provide any personal information such as your Medicare number or Driver’s License number.
Three clinics for seniors are scheduled to open at the Phoenixville Area Senior Center (March 9),  Brandywine Valley Active Aging  (formerly Coatesville Senior Center) (March 10), and the Oxford Senior Center (March 15). You must have an appointment to get a vaccine at any location. 

Local Vaccine Providers

There is not one universal registration for COVID 19 vaccines. The providers listed below each have a unique registration processes for eligible individuals to sign up for an appointment when vaccines become available. Visit their website(s) to find out how to register with them.

Important: If you are considering traveling out of state for a vaccine be sure to check the state’s regulations. For example, Delaware will only give vaccines to residents and people who work or go to school in Delaware. Identification is required and people with appointments have been turned away because they do not meet the Delaware state regulations.

For Veterans Only

If you are already enrolled for care at the VAMC in Philadelphia, please call 215-823-4014 to schedule your appointment for a vaccine. 

 If you are not already enrolled in VA health care, you will have to enroll in order to receive your vaccine.  Please see for information about enrollment.  For quicker processing of your enrollment application please do not file it on line.  Print it and scan it and send to with a copy of your DD-214.

Call Fern S. Billet at 215-823-5913 if you have any questions. 

We will keep you updated about the status of COVID – 19 vaccines and information in our community. If you need help at home with daily activities, meals or would like to participate in virtual programs, please email or call 610-647-6404.


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What If I Can’t Register Online?

Delaware County residents – Call the COVID -19 call center at 484-276-2100

Chester County Residents – Call the COVID – 19 call center at 1-877-724-3258

Montgomery County – Email

 Only folks who fit under the 1A group are being vaccinated at this time, therefore they are the only ones who can schedule vaccination appointments.


What Happens After I Register?

You will receive an email confirming your registration. In our area there are a number of medical facilities that will be administering the vaccine. You will be directed to a specific location by email for your vaccine.

Currently, the vaccines available are given in 2 doses. You will be told how and when to schedule your second dose when you receive the first dose.

Read: How to Prepare for Your COVID 19 Appointment.


Please contact the following with any questions:
Chester County – Mary Galligan 610-647-6404
Delaware County – Kathy Henderson 610-566-0505
Transportation – 610-993-9493

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