Eight Ways to Save Money


Everyone likes to save money when shopping, dining, or just about any time, so this month’s column offers some useful ideas.

  1. When shopping by catalog, ask if there are any special promotions, such as free shipping or discounts.  Sometimes the customer service representative is not allowed to mention the program unless the customer asks.
  2. When dining out, visit the restaurant for lunch instead of dinner.  Often a restaurant will offer the same entrees at lunch, but with smaller portions and much lower prices than at dinner.
  3. Museums generally offer senior discounts on admission every day and may offer even greater discounts for everyone on certain days during the year.
  4. Some stores offer senior discounts including Rite Aid (1st Wednesday of each month), Kohl’s (Wednesdays) and Michaels Stores (Tuesdays).  Call your favorite store to check on discounts and then shop on those days.  The discounts generally range from 10 - 20%.
  5. Shop late in the season for clearance items, think sweaters and snow shovels in late February and early March. If you prefer a better selection of merchandise, many retailers now offer preseason sales so April could be the time to check out bathing suits.  The discounts can often be combined with a coupon for additional savings.
  6. Shop resale and thrift shops for décor and household items.  Surrey offers both a consignment and thrift shop.
  7. For free entertainment, check out local colleges for concerts and speakers during the academic year.  In the summer, keep an eye on the local paper or town websites for free outdoor concerts, such as the Summer Festival at Rose Tree Park in Media.
  8. Dentists and other medical providers often offer discounts for dental and medical procedures not covered by insurance.  Dentists also offer senior discounts to patients.

For more information, contact Jacky Kennedy-Sisson, Surrey's Daily Money Manager at