Gifts from the Heart


Surrey is blessed to have the support, through time and treasure, of many neighbors in the communities we serve.  Surrey would not be the organization it is today without this combination of support, truly keeping with our motto of “neighbor helping neighbor.”

Some people have the time, talent and inclination to support Surrey through incredible volunteer resource donations.  They are faces of Surrey’s mission.

Other neighbors may have time constraints but have financial resources that allow them to support Surrey through monetary gifts.

Some neighbors have the luxury of both of these gift options.

It is Surrey’s job as a non-profit organization to constantly make both these avenues of support available freely and openly to the community.  People may not notice the continuous volunteer recruitment efforts if they are already volunteering, however, each day new neighbors see these requests and respond.  Likewise, Surrey continuously gives the community opportunities and information about providing financial support.  And, like volunteering, Surrey is fortunate that new and long-time donors respond to these requests as well.

In this year, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for monetary support matching.  One generous member is matching all individual donations up to $50,000 per donor until June 30, 2014.  This is so powerful and unique that it would be a shame if we did not shout it from the rooftops and put it in the public eye constantly.  And, what a disservice to the incredible member who is making this gift if we did not publicize it frequently.  What excites this member is the increased number of donors of all gift sizes that this opportunity encourages.

So, if you feel Surrey has increased its’ donation opportunities, YES we have!!!

We know from census information that the older adults of our communities are increasing in number and it is our responsibility to be there in the future for each of them.  Surrey needs, and will always need, the time, talent and treasure support of our communities and our neighbors.  We appreciate your continued support through whatever mechanism works best for you.  Thank you.