Hunt for lost treasure this summer


Maybe it’s a savings account that you thought was closed or an insurance check that went astray in the mail and never cashed, but it’s easy to claim your lost treasure. The Pennsylvania Treasurer’s office has a website and a toll free number to contact to see if you are entitled to unclaimed property. You can search under your name, your spouse’s name, or other relatives’ names. It only takes a few minutes and you may find some lost or forgotten money!

The contact information is:
Phone: (800) 222-2046

If you find that you have unclaimed property, you can print a claim form and instructions from the website. The instructionswill list any supporting documentation necessary, depending on the type of claim and your relationship to the owner of the unclaimed property. If you don’t have a computer, then call the PA Treasurer’s office at the above number and a representative will help you to search for property. If the representative finds unclaimed property, then you can receive a claim form by regular mail.
If using the website, be sure to print the form and then write the date of birth and social security number on the form, rather than entering it into the computer. It’s just an extra precaution with your personal information. There are no costs involved in submitting a claim, unless you need a death certificate or to have a form notarized. As a  result, you should never pay anyone a fee to claim  money on your behalf.

Good luck with your search!