The Importance of Good Nutrition


Dr. Bruce Hopper, a Surrey Board Member, recently stated, “The importance of older adults eating a healthy congregate meal in the company of friends cannot be overstated.“ He was talking about the nutritional benefit as well as the positive impact of socialization and companionship. This one activity is part of a holistic healthy lifestyle to incorporate good
nutritional foods and mitigate living alone by joining a group or even one friend for a meal.

Good nutrition plays a critical role in keeping older adults healthy. According to the National Resource Center on Nutrition one in four older Americans suffer from poor nutrition. There are many reasons for this such as transportation challenges, dental problems, medications that diminish appetites, the cost of healthy foods, and sometimes people may not understand the components of a healthy diet. At Surrey, nutrition and nutrition education is a top priority.

Each of our Surrey sites serves lunches (the dates and times vary by site). I encourage you to check the calendars and join the fun for good food and good company. If it is your first time coming in for a meal, I know you will be pleasantly surprised by the warm and welcoming environments.

Serving nourishing meals is just one way Surrey emphasizes the importance of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Surrey also offers numerous nutrition education classes at each Surrey location. Here are some of the nutrition related programs this month:

Devon - Throughout March, dietitian Kit Tokash will be sharing “Nutrition Nuggets” during lunch.

Broomall – On March 2, dietitian Barbara Myers will talk about the importance of carbohydrates, and what types of carbohydrates are important for managing diabetes. She will also provide a cooking demonstration.

On March 11 she will provide an information program about how to eat the healthiest, mostly plant based, diet.

Havertown – On March 11, Barbara Myers will be providing the same carbohydrate program described

Media – On March 5, dietitian Barbara Myers will be back to Media to talk about making smart drink choices. Media will also have an “Eat Smart, Live Strong” program on Thursdays throughout the month.

Please visit the resource section of our website,, which has healthy recipes and other nutrition and health related topics. Surrey also has volunteer grocery shoppers if you need assistance, and we provide home delivered meals to those who qualify.

Don’t underestimate the importance or power of good nutrition!


                                                                                                      Barbara Fentress

                                                                                                      President and CEO