Medical Procedure Escort Service Brings Peace of Mind and Convenience

  • Nancy Shertz, a registered nurse and care manager for Surrey
    Nancy Shertz, RN is a member of the Surrey Home Care Services staff

Sally needed to have cataract surgery, an outpatient procedure. She was relieved she wouldn’t need to stay overnight in the hospital, until the office staff explained that, due to anesthesia, she would not be able to drive home herself. Furthermore, she could not take a taxi because she would need to be discharged to a responsible party or someone who would make sure she got home safely.

“I really didn’t know what to do,” said Sally. “My children do not live around here and I didn’t want to impose on a friend since I needed to be at the hospital by 6 am.” Then, a friend recommended Surrey’s Medical Procedure Escort Service.

This fee-based service provides door to door transportation to hospitals or outpatient clinics for procedures requiring anesthesia (endoscopy, colonoscopy, cataract surgery, etc.) Clients are escorted by a Surrey professional staff member. There are other conveniences offered as well. “I opted to have Nancy pick up the prescription eye drops for me,” said Sally.  “It was so nice knowing I didn’t have to try and rush out to the pharmacy the next day.”

Sally chose to have assistance getting her prescription. The other options available through this service are light meal preparation and same day post procedure care. Surrey’s Home Care Services staff works with clients to meet their individual needs.
“I recommend this service very highly,” says Sally. “I was nervous about the procedure. Being able to depend on Surrey so I didn’t have to worry about driving, finding a parking place, getting myself home and filling my prescription, really took a lot of my stress away.”  For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 610-647-9840 or email