Member Services: Meeting the Needs of Individuals


I am writing this blog as the snow and ice are falling and the Delaware Valley is crippled once again by weather.  It is in these most trying of situations where Surrey really shines, reaching out and providing critical services to seniors in our community.  Many of the services that Surrey staff and volunteers provide you may not be aware of until you or someone you care about needs them and you call us.  

Member Services are just that – one-on-one services meeting the unique needs of individual members.  Most frequently these services are either provided in the member’s home or they involve transportation.  Some examples of the services include: daily or weekly check-in calls; assistance with making and getting to medical appointments; delivery of ‘ice packs,’ food packages for homebound seniors; and resource identification and advocacy for more
complex services coming from government and or health care systems.  Sometimes we are just a friendly listener to the challenges and heartaches that affect a member’s life.

Surrey staff were all busy during this last storm.   Among others, Kathy, Connie, Mary Catherine, and Kit were on the road personally checking on seniors who may be alone with no power or without food.  They worked with the county agencies for food and shelter options.  Pam and Tom coordinated as many rides as safely possible.  Carolyn assisted one member as she had a new stove delivered and was not comfortable being home alone during the delivery.

We love what we do, but the hardest part of our job is getting our older neighbors to ask for assistance.  We cannot help those people we don’t know about.   Surrey’s staff tries to be aware of all our older neighbors who may need assistance or would appreciate a friendly call or visit.  We need your help to serve more neighbors.  If you know of anyone who could benefit from these services, both in emergency or normal situations, please contact us.

Surrey is here for our neighbors and our community.  Let us know how we can assist you or your neighbor.

Barbara J. Fentress

President & CEO