New Name, Same Great Service

  • A client and Surrey Personal Finance Manager with paperwork

In order to more accurately describe the service, Surrey’s Daily Money Management will now be known as Personal Finance Management. It’s the same great service that’s been helping people in their 50’s - 90’s with day to day finances and paperwork. For more than 11 years, this service has made a huge difference in the lives of our members in many different situations. For example:

  • A spouse passed away, who handled all the finances and the widow/widower did not know what to do.
  • Macular degeneration made it difficult to read the mail and write letters and checks.
  • Memory loss led to papers being lost and confusion with getting the bills paid.
  • Problems with insurance claims that just could not be resolved.
  • Feeling overwhelmed with piles of paper around the house.
  • Downsizing and not knowing what papers to keep or throw out/shred.
  • The bank account being out of control and checks bouncing.
  • Credit card debt that was causing stress.
  • Needing help with a budget and figuring out where money was going.
  • Adult children whose parents needed help with finances, but they lived too far away or preferred not to get involved in their parents’ financial lives.
  • Semi-retired individuals who needed help with Quicken for their personal and freelancing or rental property finances.
  • Not knowing where to begin with filing a long term care insurance claim or wondering what the policy bought many years ago actually covered.
  • The need to get documents and deductions together for the tax preparer.

If you find that some of these situations sound familiar, then you may benefit from some expertise from Surrey. Over the years, the consistent feedback from members is that Surrey’s Personal Finance Management service reduces stress and makes life easier. Simplify your life and call 610-647-9840 today or email us. There is no charge for the initial one hour consultation.

“Personal Finance Management has helped me in so many ways . . . managing my bills, guiding me through changes to my medical insurance coverage, evaluating my long term care policies, and organizing paperwork. It’s a fabulous service that is invaluable to both myself and my son, who travels for work.”

- Lois, a Surrey member