New Scam Targeting Chester County Seniors


The Chester County Department of Aging Services (CCDAS) has recently have been made aware of a scam involving seniors in Chester County.  People have received a phone call as described below by CCDAS:

“Someone called her house, identified themselves as a representative from the Chester County Department of Aging and offered her a free PERS, ACCESS card and other services.  When she told them she was interested, the person asked her for a credit card number or checking account number.  At this point, she hung up on the caller.  She stated that no telephone number appeared on her caller ID button so she was not able to give us a number for the caller.”

The Chester County Department of Aging never asks for a credit card or bank account information over the phone.  Please be aware of this scam and let your friends and families know.  You should never share personal information, credit card or bank numbers or your social security number over the phone.

The Chester County District Attorney has requested that any person receiving a phone call like that described above please contact their local police.