Older Adults Greatly Benefit from Fitness Centers

  • Older adults on treadmills in the Surrey Fitness Center
    Older adults enjoy the Surrey Fitness Center

Everyone knows they should work out and stay in shape but many of us just don’t do it. So how can you increase the chances that you or a loved one stays in shape? One way is to join a fitness center.  Researchers at Iowa State University found that adults who joined a fitness center were 14 times more likely to meet weekly physical activity guidelines. This is true for both men and women. And of course because they exercised more, they had better heart-health measures and were less likely to be obese.

“The key is to find a fitness center where you feel comfortable and where the other members are people you want to hang out with,” says Jacqui Krupinski, fitness instructor at Surrey’s Center for Healthy Living Fitness Center  and Ageless Exercise. “I create a specialized fitness program for each of our members, but it is the friendships that form here that really motivate our members to exercise here on a regular basis.”

Sonia Harris of Devon has been working out at the Surrey Fitness Center  for about a year and a half. “Jacqui created a work out customized for me. I love to follow it and am getting stronger.” Then she smiled and shared, “ I have muscles!”

Sonia shared that this fitness center makes her feel comfortable. She like that she is not the youngest nor oldest person working out here, and that the people who attend are kind, friendly and supportive.

A study in the journal Activities, Adaptation & Aging  examined the factors that helped older adults to start and continue to exercise in a fitness center. Researchers discovered that fitness centers catering to older adults were attractive because they offered members the opportunity to exercise at their own pace, used low impact machines and members found it easy to make friends with peers.
“Surrey offers Keiser equipment that uses compressed air offering low impact resistance training,” said Jacqui. “This helps a wide range of members, from the most fit to those just starting a fitness program.”  Sonia Harris of Devon agrees. “The equipment here is fantastic.”

Many new members come to the Surrey Fitness Center on the recommendation of a physical therapist at their doctor’s office or rehab center after they completed the initial work after a joint replacement. “We help you stay the course after rehab and maintain the muscles and fitness you gained from physical therapy,” says Jacqui.

Jacqui loves hearing form members that they were able to lower their blood pressure medications because they are in better shape. She has also heard from members who have a better dexa scan for bone density because they have added weight bearing exercise to their routines.

Surrey is offering new members 10% off their membership if they join in October 2017. Call Nicole at 610-647-9172 for details.