Social Media: Tools that Help You Keep in Touch


When you hear the words “Social Media” do your eyes roll and you think, “Not for me?” If this is your response, I am hoping to change your mind. The Philadelphia Inquirer had an article in early October regarding the trend for older adults to embrace social media as a way to communicate with their friends, family and like-minded peers. You know where I am headed in this blog.   

Social Media encompasses many tools.  While some may not seem useful for you, I am willing to bet, though, that if you chose one to focus on, you would find it very beneficial. Let’s take Facebook for instance.  You can use this to see what your grandchildren are doing on a regular basis. You can use it to communicate with people who share your passion for a hobby or interest. And, you can use Facebook to let the world know what you are doing in your life. Any or all of the above.

Last holiday season many older adults received tablets or iPads as gifts.  Is yours sitting unused in a desk drawer? I am challenging you to put it to use for your enjoyment. By learning how to click on one or two buttons, you can open your world to so many places, people and happenings. 

So while you may never use Twitter, you may want to take “selfies” to show your family what and how you are doing. They want to see you as much as you want to see them. So let’s disrupt the aging myth by not shrugging off these new forms of communication that can separate the old and the younger. Let’s learn how to use these tools— and you may be surprised at how much your world opens up.

Today a Surrey member was telling me she was taking a Facebook class, “Just so I know what they are talking about.” That is a great attitude and I applaud her sense of adventure. I will check with her to see if she ends up using it herself  and finds out it is not just what they are talking about, but how they are talking to each other.

If you are unsure where to begin, call the activities staff at the location closest to you and we’ll get you started. 

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Barbara J. Fentress, President & CEO