A Story about our Founder Jeanne LaRouche

Friday August 18 marks the 36th anniversary of the founding of Surrey Services for Seniors. We celebrate this occasion with a fond look back, today with Dr. John Crosby, past superintendent of Radnor schools.
In 1989, Jeanne LaRouche, founder of Surrey Services came to Dr. Crosby’s office with a bold proposition. Dr. Crosby did not know Jeanne very well, but had heard that she had started a non-profit called Surrey that she was running from her attic.

Jeanne had grown Surrey to the point that the space in her attic was no longer sufficient and she had noticed an empty office in the school administration building. Jeanne approached Superintendent Crosby about the office.  “Of course, she had no money,” said Dr. Crosby. “But she really made her case.”

Jeanne outlined Surrey’s core services: transportation, help with grocery shopping, small home repairs, and helping some folks downsize to a smaller home. She shared that although the Main Line was overall an affluent area, there were many seniors who needed assistance in our community.

“She had a bold vision. She did not hesitate to reach out to anyone she thought could help older adults in our area,” added Dr. Crosby. “Jeanne inspired others to give back.”

She inspired Dr. Crosby to give Surrey an office in the administration building so they could expand efforts to help seniors.

Nearly 30 years later Dr. Crosby is still involved with Surrey, eating lunch at Jeanne’s Place, the Café at Surrey in Devon named after our Founder.

We also celebrate with a special Founder’s Day lunch at our Devon location and invite you to join us. Please call us at 610-647-6404 or stop by. This special lunch is only $5.