Surrey Awarded Grant for Capacity Building


Surrey Services for Seniors was recently awarded a grant in the amount of $45,000 from the Pew Fund for Capacity Building, OMG Center for Collaborative Learning to provide funding support and services to increase organizational effectiveness. 

The project will integrate the Florida Department of Elder Affairs Senior Center Evaluation Tool (Florida Survey) into MySeniorCenter (MSC) software providing the ability to capture and analyze outcome data from center programming.  This capability will improve Surrey’s capacity to report outcomes, enable benchmarking across the region and provide real-time program evaluation. 

Surrey’s project will lead the way in a capacity building project that has not only county, but national significance for community centers providing services to older adults.  The benefits of this project could be far reaching throughout the more than 800 senior centers located nationwide, including Surrey’s four centers, that use the MySeniorCenter (MSC) software for primary data management to track clients. 

Working with technology partners, MySeniorCenter and OpenGate Consulting, the project will be completed by March 2015.