Surrey Cafe Named Jeanne's Place to Honor Surrey's Founder Jeanne La Rouche

  • Bob Campbell, Bob La Rouche, John Beilenson, Park Blatchford celebrate Jeanne's Place

Ribbon Cutting for Jeanne’s Place at Surrey Center for Healthy Living

On Saturday June 10, Surrey Services for Seniors  cut the ribbon on Jeanne’s Place, the café at the Surrey Center for Healthy Living. The café was renamed in honor of Jeanne La Rouche, the founder and visionary leader of Surrey Services for Seniors. For 28 years, Jeanne was the driving force of the organization she formed to help older adults continue living at home with independence and dignity and be active members of the community.

“Surrey began in Jeanne’s Place, in her house,” said Surrey CEO Bob Madonna. “In the years since Jeanne’s passing we’ve worked to find a special way to honor her. “

Honorary Board Member Bob Campbell shared with the more than 60 people who attended the ceremony that a café is like a kitchen in a home, serving as the energy center where people gather for food, lively discussion and fellowship. This is why the café was chosen to honor Jeanne.

“Jeanne gave members, volunteers and staff the sense that they were really part of something special,” said Park Blatchford. “We can now all gather here in Jeanne’s Place to continue her work.”

Surrey Board Member John Beilenson remembered Jeanne as an entrepreneur and innovator. “The Surrey way, matching volunteers with members, was a Jeanne La Rouche innovation. “Today neighbor helping neighbor is standard of care throughout the aging care community.”

“Jeanne would be pleased by this occasion,” said Ursula Weissgerber, who has been involved with Surrey for the entire 36 year history. “Naming the Café after her is a gesture she would appreciate because it is a place that takes care of people.” Bob La Rouche, who was Jeanne’s husband, agreed. “She would have been very pleased.”

About Surrey Services for Seniors
Surrey Services for Seniors’ mission is to help older adults live with independence and dignity and to continue as active members of the community. Surrey is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, providing a full spectrum of specialized services including: home care, transportation, center- based programs and activities, meal programs, lifelong learning opportunities, health and fitness activities, and opportunities to volunteer. What differentiates Surrey is our caring philosophy, holistic view and our family centered approach to services for the aging. Learn more at or call 610-647-6404.