Surrey is A Center for Healthy Aging


Surrey means many different things to thousands of people.  SURREY IS your resource for living with independence and dignity and staying as healthy and engaged as possible.  One theme you will see over and over is SURREY IS HEALTHY LIVING!

Whether you use transportation to get to medical appointments or the grocery store, or you use resources at one of Surrey’s Community Centers for exercise, creative exploration, lifelong learning or socialization, you are taking proactive steps toward healthier living.

I heard a wonderfully simple true statement this morning:  It is far easier to take preventive steps for healthier living than it is to cure or manage a major health issue.  At Surrey, we want to help you be as proactive as possible, giving you the tools and education to make wise decisions around managing your health.

As you look at the activity offerings this month see if there is one activity you can try that will help you be proactive in managing your health.  We love seeing Surrey participants try new exercise programs, take an educational class or explore their creative side
and feel so much better afterwards.  Give something new a try!

Here are a few of my suggestions:

  • Attend a lunch and learn program.
  • Try an art or craft class, even if you think you aren’t artistic!
  • Join a book club.
  • And of course exercise.  There are so many options there is no excuse!

Barbara J. Fentress, President & CEO