Surrey is here for you!


Surrey’s mission is to enable you to live at home with independence and dignity…  What support would you need to allow that to happen?  Do you need personal care? Cleaning support? Maintenance assistance?  Meal delivery? Transportation? Access to medical services? A friend to check on you each day?  Surrey is there for you whichever of these services you need.

Often what keeps an individual active in their community is the personal relationships that build an invisible supportive web.  When my parents lived in Florida, this community was their church, the resale shop they volunteered in, Dad’s golf buddies and Mom’s bridge friends.  Most of us emotionally need those personal interactions.  As my Dad struggled with Alzheimer’s, my Mom needed the ‘respite’ interaction of being with her friends.  It was a safe environment for her to discuss the challenges of living with her husband of fifty years as he changed during his illness.

It was important for Mom to care for herself in this way, by seeking emotional support day to day when her daughters were not visiting.  Surrey can be a home away from home for you.  We can support you with services you need and we provide a welcoming, supportive environment for you to thrive.  Respite care can also include having a caregiver come to your home occasionally so you can take care of yourself and other responsibilities you may have.

In the Surrey community there are a number of informal groups that provide supportive relationships:  among others, the Saturday morning Fitness Center regulars, the Tuesday morning Berwyn volunteer group, the art class in Havertown, and the book groups in Media.  There is also a caregiver support group that meets in Berwyn on the second Tuesday of every month.

If you or a loved one goes into the hospital, please let us know.  We can visit and be your advocate with the hospital and the medical staff if you would like the assistance. We can help you when you go home with the services mentioned above plus many more.

I invite you to visit one of Surrey’s four centers, meet the staff and meet some of your neighbors.  As you get involved in an activity, exercise class or enjoy a lunch, you will build that important supportive network that will be there for you when you need it.  I know we would enjoy getting to know you.  Please join us today!