Surrey Solutions Holiday Show: Surrey Chorus Concert at the Tredyffrin Library

To celebrate the holidays, our Surrey Solutions December episode is a recording of the Surrey Chorus Winter Concert at the Tredyffrin Library. Surrey Services celebrates the creativity and talent of older adults in our community every day, and one area where this talent is exemplified is the Surrey Chorus. We’re thrilled to share this concert with you here:

This concert features an Instrumental Ensemble and the Surrey Chime Choir. Many instruments require strength and dexterity that may have decreased for some older adults. However, the chime is a wonderful instrument for older adults as it can be played by those with limits in mobility. “The Chime Choir is a joy to watch as the entire choir functions as one instrument, like the keys on a piano,” said Anne Sprissler, Director of the Chime Choir. “It strengthens our connections as a group as we function as one.”

Reading music and playing an instrument are excellent exercises for the aging brain. "Reading music is akin to speaking a second language," said Anne. "It has been shown to have a positive impact on cognitive function."

“The Surrey Chorus is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year," said Linda Landis, Surrey Chorus Director. "Dorry Liggett started the chorus back in 1992 enabling us to bring the gift of music to Surrey for a quarter of a century."

Surrey offers special thanks to Gene Donahue from Tredyffrin Township Television for his technical advice and editing of this program.