Surrey Supports Aging with Independence and Dignity


Last month’s blog discussed readiness and safety in several important aspects of our daily lives. When we think about preparedness in the context of Surrey’s mission, to help older adults live in their homes with independence and dignity and to continue as active members of the community, we realize there are steps we need to take to be prepared for staying independent and keeping our dignity.

As I review this Surrey Newsletter and read about dignity and independence as well as safety issues, I realize that these issues reflect the entire Surrey mission, as well as our Core Values. I thought this would be a good time to remind all of us about the Surrey Core Values:

First and foremost, Surrey cares - about its members, its staff and its community. We reach out, we spend time, we listen and we act.

Connection and Community
Surrey believes in neighbor helping neighbor. While run by a professional staff, our volunteers are critical to all that we do. Similarly, our work seeks to promote connections among our members, between members and a range of needed services and programs beyond our walls, and between Surrey and other community organizations.

Dignity and Access
While we expect everyone to pay something, we are dedicated to ensuring that our services are low-cost and available to all older adults in our community.

Positive Aging
Our approach to our work and programs is positive and seeks to dispel the negative myths about aging. We focus on our members’ talents, experience and gifts (not their physical or other challenges).

For Life
Surrey is a resource for living and provides a holistic range of volunteer opportunities, activities, and services that appeal to older adults as they age.

I hope you see Surrey’s mission statement and core values reflected in your interaction with this organization. I welcome your comments and suggestions about this topic.

Barbara J. Fentress, President & CEO