Take the Financial Fitness Quiz


April is National Financial Literacy Month, so it’s time to get your finances organized. Start by assessing your financial fitness with a simple quiz.

1. When it comes to balancing my checkbook:

A. I look forward to the arrival of the bank statement and rush back from the mailbox when it arrives.

B. I usually balance the checkbook each month, but I would rather be doing something fun!

C. I balance it once in a while, but find it frustrating and boring.

D. I would rather walk on a bed of nails.

2. My bills are paid:

A. As soon as they come in, so I don’t forget.

B. Generally on time.

C. Not always on time, but I’m getting very adept at negotiating those late fees!

D. Ugh! Never on time and are piling up.

3. The way that I handle my mail is to:

A. Pick it up right away! My letter carrier and I are on a first name basis.

B. Review it, recycle/throw out most of it and retain any important items.

C. Open it and leave it at various locations throughout the house.

D. Let it pile up and then I just can’t deal with the mass of paper!

3. My financial documents:

A. Are neatly organized in color coded, alphabetized files. I clean the files out every year.

B. Are fairly organized. I can generally locate what I need, so I have time to enjoy the spring weather.

C. Are never where they should be. I spend way too much time looking for things!

D. Seem to be cloning themselves. I have a mountain of paper that is consuming my house!

Scoring: If you answered mostly As and Bs, then you are well organized and should give yourself a pat on the back for your financial fitness.

If you answered mostly Cs And Ds, then you may find that Daily Money Management from Surrey would make your life easier and get you financially fit! Call Jacky Kennedy Sisson at 610-283-7085 to find out more.