Surrey Solutions TV Show: Safe at Home

Surrey exists to support older adults living independently, most often in their own home. With a growing number of older adults living independently, it’s increasingly important to make sure that they’re safe at home. Watch this episode of Surrey Solutions thanks to Tredyffrin TV.  Our show this month dedicated to providing you with solutions for staying safe at home. We thank our guest Alanna Miller, PHRN of the Berwyn Fire Department and our host Robin Bond.

Learn more about these topics:
• Download this free Home Fall Prevention Checklist for Older Adults

Pets and Older Adults
Often wonderful things, such as owning a pet, can be a double edge sword. Pets offer love and comfort, companionship and warmth. However there can be perils to owning a pet as we age too. So watch where your pets are sitting so that you don't trip on them.
Also avoid falling by following these tips:
• Eliminate tripping hazards in your home including throw rugs.
• Watch for pets being underfoot as you can trip on your pet. 
• Keep a look out for spilled water near pet’s water dishes.
• Keep areas well lit with overhead lights and lamps to illuminate dark corners. LED lights offer low cost illumination.

You can get help with your pet:
• Get an invisible fence so when your pet is let outdoors it stays in your yard.
• Hire a dog walker, especially if you have a larger dog and for winter weather.

Help First Responders by Planning Ahead.
We hope you never need to get emergency help but there are things you can do to help first responders help you.
Sign up for Chester County Smart 911. This private, secure, free service offers first responders additional information such as medical issues and pet info that can help you in an emergency. Learn more on the Chester County Department of Emergency Services Facebook page.

First Responders Look for Medical Information on Your Phone
Both iPhones and Droids have a place to add in the medical information needed in an emergency. Read more in this article on

Stay Strong to Stay Safe.
Staying strong helps you keep your balance and prevent falls. Join Surrey for:
Yoga, and core strengthening exercise classes
• Surrey in Devon has a fitness center designed for older adults.

If you need help call Surrey Home Care services for an assessment which includes a safety assessment and falls risk assessment.