Surrey has been a real life saver for me, especially the guidance with tax paperwork and insurance claims.

Help managing bills and paperwork

Surrey provides customized one-on-one help with bills, mail, bank statements, tax information, budgeting, insurance paperwork and government forms.  Our professional Daily Money Manager is available to help with these and other personal finance issues.

Regain control of finances, reduce stress and gain peace of mind.

  • Organize and pay bills

  • Sort and review mail

  • Reconcile account statements

  • Assist in processing insurance claims

  • Prepare required forms

  • Budgeting and income/expense tracking

  • Determine eligibility and apply for government benefits for seniors

  • Gather and organize tax information

  • Review and advise on household utility services

  • Clean out and organize files

You retain control of your financial matters while Surrey takes care of the daily work. The initial one hour consultation is free.  Financial Assistance available to those in need.