Short Term RN Care Management (2-4 days) includes services that you or your loved one receivse at home after or instead of a stay in a hospital, rehabilitation facility or after an acute illness (i.e. joint replacement surgery, cardiac procedure, urinary tract infection, etc.). 

The RN Care Manager will craft an individualized care plan that may include the following Short Term RN Care services:

  • Complete initial assessment and care plan
  • Coordinate discharge planning with social worker/discharge planner
  • Manage medication/pharmacy requirements including pick-up of prescriptions
  • Monitor vital signs and weight checks
  • Provide treatments including wound care, ostomy care and skin management care
  • Oversee pain and medication management regimen
  • Coordinate post-acute/outpatient care if necessary as ordered by the physician
  • Coordinate follow-up and accompany client to physician visits, lab work, outpatient procedures
  • Develop strategies to maintain optimum nutrition and hydration status
  • Coordinate rehabilitative services including physical and occupational therapy