Surrey On Call

Surrey is there when you need help

Do you live alone? Are you concerned about a spouse? What would happen if you had an emergency or had to go to the hospital?  As much as no one wants to think about these questions, it is important to have a plan.  Surrey's Care Managers offer a service that can help you.

How Surrey On Call Works

Getting to Know You: First there will be a "Getting to Know You" meeting. We will meet with you and any other family or friend you would like included to get to know you and understand your medical situation. This includes medical history, doctors, living situation and other information.

Keeping in Touch

After the meeting, Care Managers will touch base with you periodically via telephone or email to see how everything is and to see whether anything has changed.  There is no fee for the initial meeting or for the regular check-ins.

Help When You Need It

After the initial meeting, Surrey Care Managers can act as an advocate for you whenever needed at a reasonable fee. If you have an emergency or are hospitalized, you or the designated family or friend can simply call us, any time day or night. We will ensure that you are receiving appropriate care. If you have a spouse at home that needs assistance, we can also arrange that care.

Coordinate the Important Communication

A Care Manager will coordinate communications between you and the health professionals (and any designated family or friend) and ensure that you are fully informed and understand your care.

Arranging Follow Up Care

If you need any additional care after discharge we will arrange it--whether it is help at home or in a rehabilitation facility.

A Sense of Well-being

When Surrey Care Managers are on your personal wellness team, you and your family will have a sense of well-being and assurance that you will always receive the appropriate care.