Dear Surrey friends,

We have been thrilled to welcome our community back to in-person, indoor programs safely and gradually while carefully monitoring the health status of our surrounding environment. The benefits of the COVID vaccine have allowed us to gather safely, albeit within limits.

Most parts of Pennsylvania are currently categorized as low to moderate risk. However, the new COVID Delta variant is causing increasing numbers of COVID cases in both Chester and Delaware counties, as well as nationwide. It is putting unvaccinated people at a greater risk for contracting and transmitting COVID. In addition, there have been scattered reports of cases breaking through the vaccine. 

Surrey members are, by definition, in a high-risk age demographic, and importantly, many also have significant additional health issues. Therefore, Surrey is taking additional steps to preserve our ability to stay open as safely as possible for as many members as possible. 

Changes Next Week

Beginning Monday, July 19, after careful consideration and consultation, we are strengthening our protocols. Those who show proof of full vaccination will be able to gather, without masks, indoors for reserved programs and lunches in our Devon center. Members who are unvaccinated, for any reason, can enjoy expanded virtual programs, grab and go lunches, and transportation, but will not be able to take part in indoor, in-person programs. The Technology Lending Library can lend tablets, regardless of income, to anyone who would like to access our expanded virtual programs.

Our Surrey community is strong and supportive. We will continue to monitor our environment to keep our community safe. We ask for your support in following these new protocols. If we appropriately use the tools at our disposal; vaccinations, social distancing, masking, and hand washing, we will continue our progress toward bringing our community together fully without restrictions.

If you need assistance getting a vaccine appointment for yourself or a family member, please contact Surrey Member Services at 610-647-6404.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding,
Jean Kozicki
Surrey Board Chair
Jill Whitcomb
Surrey President and CEO