As I am writing this,

Liz is helping a woman sign in for yoga class at Devon. . .

Carolyn is on the phone scheduling volunteers to help a couple in Broomall with their yard work. . .

Nancy is speaking with a family member, arranging for grocery shopping for her mom who lives alone without transportation in Berwyn. . .

and Lena is in Havertown helping an older gentleman who has a tablet from our lending library and wants to participate in Surry’s virtual programs.

This is how mornings begin every day at Surrey for our outstanding Member Services team. 

Member Services is available to help anyone in our community and beyond, navigate all that Surrey has to offer.  Whether it’s ordering Grab and Go meals, registering for a program or support group, or help painting your front porch, just give us a call.  If you are unsure about what you need or are concerned about a loved one needing extra support, give us a call.  We are great listeners and can offer help and support through Surrey, or a referral to one of our community partners. 

We have more than 40 years of expertise and we are here for you.  No need is too small, no ask is too big.  Just call!  610-647-6404.

Jill Whitcomb

Surrey President and CEO