Reimagine the Future of Aging

The Beilenson Institute for Innovation in Aging

Mobilizing the collaborative power of the best and the brightest in the field of aging services, Surrey announced the launch of an integral component in its vision for the future – The Beilenson Institute for Innovation in Aging, named for John Beilenson, an expert on aging services and longtime Surrey Board member.  The Institute will bring together a broad range of talent and expertise, generate novel insights about aging, and serve as a proving ground that helps to test and implement programs that address quality of life, health, wellness, and other issues relevant to all of us as we get older.

The Institute will engage three key audiences:

  1. Older adults and their extended families who are interested in new programs and services that improve our quality of life as we get older.
  2. Professionals that provide care and services for older adults, offering them opportunities to build their skills and implement innovative programs that generate positive and measurable outcomes.
  3. Aging services organizations in the region that can collaborate through the Institute, share resources and expertise, and reach a wide and diverse population of older people.

To begin, the Institute will engage an Advisory Group of nationally recognized professionals and academic leaders to advise on worthy programs; identify needs and opportunities in the aging services environment; and utilize their networks to bring the Institute’s programs to a wider audience.

John Beilenson is president of SCP, nationally-focused consulting firm that has worked with the nation’s leading foundations, nonprofit organizations and academic leaders in the aging field.  John’s wisdom, experience, and counsel have helped Surrey remain at the forefront in the delivery of services for older adults.  As a former Chair and long-time Board member, John has led, and continues to lead, Surrey’s strategic planning efforts.  Many of the programs, services, and activities that exist today are the result of his passion to inspire Surrey to reach beyond current practices to find new and innovative ways to respond to the changing experiences of older adults.

A Certified Master Trainer in “ReFraming Aging” from The Frameworks Institute in Washington D.C. and author of 18 books including “Future Me – Authoring the Second Half of Your Life,” John consults and speaks nationally on the changing face of aging.   At Surrey, John generously shares his talents, providing workshops and programs on this topic for community members and staff. Now, John will once again lead the process to strengthen, expand, and create programs that focus on the evolving needs, interests and lifestyles of older adults.

Innovation and Collaboration

The Beilenson Institute for Innovation in Aging reflects Surrey’s belief in the power of innovation combined with creativity and vision, to change perceptions of aging and address the evolving needs and interests of older adults.  The Institute will serve as an incubator for the expansion of current programs and development of new initiatives and approaches that have significant impact on the lives of older adults.

“The Institute is about innovation, fueled through connection. By strengthening the connections with older adults who we serve, our community partners, and best-in-class providers doing great work, we can build a community of excellence around aging services,” says Beilenson. “By engaging individuals of all ages, in ways that will have the greatest influence on their life situations, Surrey will have an even greater impact on our community and all of us as we get older.”

The Beilenson Institute for Innovation in Aging is a pivotal initiative for Surrey. Most important, it will help older adults find the experiences, programs, and services they need to remain active, independent, and engaged, thanks to the support of the entire Surrey community of neighbors and friends.