Laughter, music, voices – those are the sounds made by a group of volunteers from a school or community organization. Their happiness at helping to make a difference is tangible and infuses Surrey members, staff, and guests, with a spirit of community. The energy of student volunteers is contagious as they work on a project or program.

Two such special volunteers are Avery and Jonah, a sister and brother who are tenured volunteers even though they are barely in middle school. Their mother and father, also Surrey volunteers, feel it is important to give back to the community. As volunteers, Avery and Jonah have bussed tables, served meals, led games, and helped with crafts. “They love coming here and helping out,” says their mother Patty.

Student groups have painted, cleaned closets, filed paperwork, and planted gardens. “Can we come back again?” is often the question at the end of a day. Support from donors and funders makes it possible for these student volunteers to engage with their community and help support older adults.