Surrey Loves its Volunteers


We have discussed many times the importance of volunteers in Surrey’s ability to respond to the needs of the community.  Volunteers are essential.  Often individual volunteers or groups do not get the public recognition they deserve.

April is National Volunteer Month and we would like to recognize every single volunteer at Surrey.  Without our volunteers, Surrey would not be able to provide critical services to seniors in our community each year.  To put the incredible value of our volunteers in perspective consider the following fact:

Last year, 1,100 Surrey volunteers provided 61,000 hours of service, a value of $1.3 million!

Many, many volunteers do their important work outside the public eye.  I would like to spotlight just a few recent volunteer projects that impacted the lives of many people in our community.

Haverford Middle School and Valley Forge Military Academy students worked with Surrey volunteers to pack and deliver bags of food to homebound seniors.

Students from Media Elementary worked with the Surrey member at our Media site to make Valentine’s Day cards for our homebound. 

One group of volunteers knitted or crocheted colorful squares, while a second group of volunteers creatively stitched the squares together. Together, these volunteers made beautiful blankets for hospice patients and disabled veterans.

Thank you to each of you who share what you have by volunteering!

Barbara Fentress 
President & CEO