Surrey has been a real life saver for me, especially the guidance with tax paperwork and insurance claims.

Personal Finance Management includes assistance with all aspects of day to day finances. The service is tailored to each client’s situation and can be used on an on-going basis or only when the need arises.

The Personal Finance Manager will meet with you to determine a personalized service plan that may include:
• Develop a budget and track income and expenses
• Manage finances with Quicken software
• Sort, review and handle mail
• Organize and purge files, pay bills and handle billing inquiries and disputes
• Reconcile banking and other financial accounts
• Review and advise on household utility services and plans
• Advice on selecting medical/prescription plans and manage medical insurance claims and disputes
• Review insurance policies, explain coverage and manage insurance claims
• Compile and organize tax information
• Determine eligibility and file applications for government benefits
• Assist with financial matters relating to funeral and cremation preplanning
• Assist with financial and administrative tasks after the loss of a loved one

You retain control of your financial matters while Surrey takes care of the daily work. This service is available in your home at affordable rates. There is no charge for the initial assessment.