Volunteer Opportunities

“Neighbor helping neighbor” is the Surrey Services ethos.  We offer a wide variety of volunteer activities: from driving members, to minor home repair and gardening, to professional and administrative support in our offices, and service opportunities for corporate and community groups.

Surrey Services depends on the energy and commitment of hundreds of volunteers each year. There are volunteer opportunities for everyone from school age to individuals in their 90's to volunteer groups from local corporations. Over two-thirds of Surrey volunteers are older people themselves--they are seniors helping other seniors. Become a volunteer by submitting a Volunteer Form today.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Help lead activities such as drama and chorus groups, needlework and arts and crafts, field trips, and exercise classes
  • Offer companionship and services such as daily phone calls and reading for the visually impaired
  • Perform minor home repair work and light gardening
  • Drive members to medical appointments, the grocery store, and a variety of other errands
  • Shop for homebound members
  • Assist with a variety of clerical and data entry tasks at our locations
  • Use professional expertise and experience to benefit Surrey through committee work, for example volunteer recruitment, community outreach, and fundraising committees 

Neighbor Helping Neighbor - Last year 1000 volunteers donated 63,000 hours of service.  It is Surrey's incredible volunteers that allow us to provide the full spectrum of services to our community.